How to Create Your Own Portals (Like in the Game) Using Adobe After Effects

We've already seen how to levitate a Companion Cube using a Portal gun—now we're going to show you how to shoot your own portals!

The guys at MobiusLOL give you an overview of how they created their Portal-inspired short film, "Experimental Portal Device".

In the video below, they talk about how they created portals similar to the game's in Adobe After Effects. Apparently, the process was fairly easy and didn't take too long, but if you're a perfectionist, you might be in AE for months.

Have you ever shot a Portal gun?


this is trash. I mean you just posted your portals and said "Yah, you know kinda like that" and that is all the tutorial we got. MAKE A BETTER ONE THIS IS TERRIBLE YOU'RE GOOD AT AFTER EFFECTS BUT YOU SUCK AT EXPLAINING.

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