After Effects error: Photoshop file format error 1. (45::35)???

Hi folk, I got this error in AE, googled it. Some people say it is because of iFF from Maya, some say because of plug-in for after effects. Such as, particular, CC particle.

My project contain all 3 things said above.

But I could not find a real solution. Do I have to re-render every scenes that is not iFF format?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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ok this may help. first thing, this is happening maybe because there are some corrupted plug in in after effects or some errors in maya or what ever. So you've already rendered 500 frames in maya iff format, it took you 3 days to render and after you import the sequence in after effects you encountered the photoshop error and you dont want to re render again because you have date this coming friday, this may help lessen the time wasting in re rendering again.

so first open the iff sequence in fcheck. the select file>open animation>and select the one frame in the iff sequnce. then you need to change the iff to tif( or any other format you want) by selecting file>save animation> then choose what format you want ( i recommend tif)>then save. it will create new sequence that is converted from iff to tiff. hope this help sorry for the long intro. if this work nice and if you have other more effecient or easier than this please let me know also thanks.

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