How To: How Did He Do That?

How Did He Do That?

I asked Cyriak Harris, a freelance animator from the UK, to reveal a few secrets on how he made his trippy, forever-multiplying hand fingers:

"I shot some video of my hand and attached smaller duplicates of the footage to the end of each finger. The whole thing is then scaled up until one of the smaller hands is the same size and position as the original was in the first frame, and there you have a loop which you can repeat endlessly."

Cyriak then brought it to life with After Effects.

Great piece, reminds me a bit of Tim Hawkinson's fantastic multiplying hand collages:

How Did He Do That?

How Did He Do That?

How Did He Do That?

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Thats pretty freaky, i feel dizzy just watching this.......

I guess if we humans really had such "FEATURE" WE would have easily been able to do the wall climbing tricks of spiderman, cause at micro level imagine what a grip it would have imparted to us.


Ah, looks like Cyriak is at it again! I love that guy's work.

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