How To: Use cameras in Adobe After Effects

Use cameras in Adobe After Effects

In this Adobe After Effects tutorial the instructor introduces to cameras. A camera is a different way of viewing your composition. You can have the camera move around and view it in all different kinds of angles and distances. Remember that the closer the camera is to the composition the bigger it appears and the further away you are the smaller it appears. To create a camera go to the layer, new and select Camera. Now a camera pops up in your layer panel. You can edit the camera there it self as you can edit any layer. Double click it to edit the settings of the camera. In the settings the Preset should be changed to 80mm and you will notice that the composition appears closer. So this instead of increasing the size just gives you the appearance of increase in size. The instructor goes on and shows the various effects of the cameras. This video gives an introduction to using cameras in Adobe After Effects.

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